Thursday, 25 February 2016

Openwork Eyelet Scarf

So I finished the first of many projects using my Marriner DK Yarn. It's the Openwork Eyelet Scarf by Raveler Jennifer Pace of Pipp's Purses. Once it was finished I gave it to my friend Katie, who writes Andromeda's Beauty Blog.

This took just four days to complete. The pattern is deceptively simple, but looks gorgeous.

I haven't decided what my next project will be, but I have plenty of colours to choose from, so hopefully I'll have something up in the next week or so.


Monday, 22 February 2016

Seeded Hand Warmers - Part One

Ok, so this is part one, purely because I have so far only managed to knit one out of the pair lol! The pattern I used is by Purl Avenue, and the reason it is taking so long, is that this pattern is for knitting in the round.

I do not own a set of circular needles or DPNs, so I had to adjust some of the patterning for straight needles. This, obviously took me a while, as well as a few restarts when it didn't work out quite as I'd hoped.

I do plan on finishing the other handwarmer, but I also ended up with a large amount of Marriner DK Yarn in a mix of colours after an order mix up, so, there's going to be a lot of things over the next while. Eventually I will get to these again, but for now, I'm working on a new scarf in hot pink!

More soon.


Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Summer Shimmer Scarf

Finally finished my second scarf. It's the Summer Shimmer Scarf from Raveler Purl Soho.

Also my first attempt at blocking a project. Not the best I can imagine, but not bad for a first try. I'm thinking of giving this as a gift to a friend of mine, who has been lovely to me.
This was knitted using Rico Design Creative Galaxy DK using 5mm straight needles. The knitting pattern created a lovely zig zag pattern in the yarn.

My next project is a pair of fingerless mittens, also planned as a gift using a new style (to me at least) of King Cole yarn.

Pictures soon


Wednesday, 10 February 2016


Well I've been knitting a lot over the past few months, I plan on putting up pictures of completed projects, as well as linking the patterns. I am no where near creating my own patterns, so unless I become extra creative, all the projects I work on will be patterns from other people.

The most recent site I have been using to find patterns is as there is a huge range of patterns and other knitters that range from the simple and quick, to the complicated and, for me anyways, utterly terrifying. I also receive a daily email from, with a selection of new and popular patterns.

So my most recent finished knit, was a scarf pattern from a Raveler called Turvid. It's called the One Row Lace Scarf, and was super simple and quick to complete. I used Stylecraft Twilight DK yarn, in Ruby, and 5.5mm needles.

Once it was finished I linked the ends with a twist, and because it's nice and stretchy, it is currently being used as a neck warmer!

My current pattern is by Raveler PurlSoho, called the Summer Shimmer Scarf, again, it's fairly simple (although I did have a few false starts to begin with), and hopefully will be finished soon.